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2008 Christmas Tree Ornament for the White House

I was honored to be invited to paint a Christmas Tree ornament to represent the Seventh Congressional District of Tennessee. Our district is represented by Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn whose home is here in Brentwood, Tennessee.

My ornament is displayed on the Christmas Tree in the Blue Room in the White House. This ornament will remain in the White House's permanent art collection.

Below are three views of my ornament. Please note that the Iris is Tennessee's state flower. The number of flowers depict the three grand divisions of Tennessee.


      Joan C. Lawler


From Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn...  


"Joan's art has hung in the Franklin City Hall near my congressional office.  I was impressed with her work.  As soon as the White House asked us to select an artist who could capture the spirit of Tennessee, I immediately thought of her."


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WH Ornament - Red.jpg

WH Ornament - White.jpg

WH Ornament - Blue.jpg

WH Ornament - All.jpg 


Photographed by: John Hampton

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Joan C. Lawler
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